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>> How do I/ We associate with E-UNITE?

>> It's the simplest FAQ we ever drafted for our esteemed users, and hence the 1st FAQ here. Just call us @ +91-743-980-6484 or write to us at That's it! The rest we will take forward in the most secure and required manner. 


​​>> How do I apply for a job with E-UNITE?

>> If you are considering this FAQ, you are already an awesome person for sure. Just let us know your awesomeness by writing to us at, or calling us @ +91 743-980-6484, and our HR team will take care of the other serious stuff that they are good at, to ensure E-UNITE and its esteemed clientele don't miss out on your awesomeness for long.

>> ​How do I know if my query or issue can be served and resolved by E-UNITE?

>> We prefer conversation as conversing is good. It clarifies, strengthens, and accelerates mutual association.  Just use our CHAT Application on the website or write to us via our Contact Forms or Whatsapp or call us at +91-743-980-6484. Be assured, we will ensure your query is resolved, if in our domain, faster than you expect.​ed.

>> Does E-UNITE provide Individual Security Cover??

>> Absolutely!! Gone are the days when Personal Security Guards (PSGs) used to be a luxury affair. With E-UNITE, we provide Security Solutions for any Indian Citizen, within the legal framework of the nation. However, E-UNITE reserves the right to assess the viability of the PSG allocation, and allocate the PSGs only after the organizational and legal compliances are met.

>> Are the Security Guards and other manpower of Team E Unite certified?

>> Each and every employee of E Unite is mandated to undergo a basic internal training and a capsule domain training, where every employee is oriented and trained by our experienced and veteran trainers from the domains of Defense, Hospitality, Technical, IT, and all other related fields as per the National Occupational Standards mandated by GoI. Our employees mandatorily have to clear our internal training and tests and acquire GoI certification before they are deployed in the field. As for the other standards, our employees are selected only if they meet the Physical and medical standards mandated as in PSARA guidelines and other related statutory mandates. Hence, with Team E Unite, you only experience trained, professional and certified personnel, forever.

>> How does the transition of Security and Service Solutions with my present provider happen if I choose E-UNITE as my new provider?

>> SIMPLE. YOU DECIDE, AND WE TAKE CARE OF THE REST. Depending on the Site Assessment by our Team of Security and Service Advisors/ Consultants, we provide a swift actionable turn-around time for effective solution provision. We have swiftly transferred responsibility of operations, ranging from a day to even a month. It all depends on the type of solution required, which our Team assesses and discusses with you, and accordingly, the swiftest and efficient transition is carried out by our Team, with professional and amicable co-working with your past provider.

>> What are the standard man-hour rates/ charges for the Security Guards or the Housekeeping Personnel?

>> The man-hour rates are standardized per the relevant Wages Act of the respective State Govt., applicable as of date. Also, factors like Site/ Work-Space/ Residential Complex specific requirements, along with your specific budget, are taken into consideration by our Assessment Team to calibrate cost-effective solution provision, without compromising the safety and the service priorities and protocols. Rest assured, with E-UNITE as your provider, it would be the best package as per the standards we provide. We keep it simple and transparent, forever.

>> Does E-UNITE secure the benefits of its Employees/ Personnel?

>> We are E-UNITE, a people's organization. Our employees are our family, and family to us is our only asset. We don't pay our employees!! They say, " We pamper them, but with professional discipline".  To put it in simpler words, our Assets (i.e. our employees) enjoy a host of allowances, PFSI, ESIC, Yearly Bonus, Group Medical and Life Insurance, Personal Grooming Allowances. And all of these, through our automated ERP, without any human intervention, but with ample human care. So, no worries on that ground, be assured. Our well-pampered employees are what keeps our Security and Service Provision to our esteemed Clientele a seamless and delightful experience., forever.

>> Our Complex/ Site/ Workspace is digitized and what if your team is not used to such software?

>> Our Teams are well versed and experienced with Community ERPs like ADDA, MyGate, etc. In fact, we ensure that our sites are digitized, and we bear the expenses for the same, forever, for free. We have got that covered as well, in line with the need of the digital era. Residential Complexes already using such ERPs get reimbursement for the same from us a token of our commitment to provide digitized and automated world-class security and service solutions.

>> How do we know if the Security and Service Team are providing complete man-hours as per our agreement with Team E-Unite?

>> An absolute radical and justified query! And we have the solution, automated and simpler. All our teams' attendance is monitored and recorded through automated contactless solutions like face/ iris monitoring solutions and/ or geo-tagged attendance monitoring systems. Any manhour anomaly is recorded digitally through physical verification, 24x7x366, and invoices are raised as per man-hours only. The reports are also shared with our clients along with the invoice to keep it transparent and fair, always, without fail. 

>> What if multiple Security Guards are absent from duty on a particular day?

>> Operational Emergencies do arise with manpower. E Unite has multiple zonal barracks across the city with an ample number of reserve security personnel to be deployed at any site in such cases. Such emergency deployment is done in 45-60 mins round the clock throughout the year.

>> What if we are not satisfied with the service of Team E-UNITE?

>> That's rare like Fingerite!! Still, being down to earth, we feel to err is human, and to improve is humane. If still, you aren't satisfied with our service beyond repair, just let us know about it. We always welcome our replacement provider with a smile and boost, not billing our service charge in our concluding invoice - a commitment that we live up to. But as we said, such a situation is like Fingerite!! With us, you would always feel SIMPLY SECURED AND SERVED, forever!

>> How do we know the materials procured through E-UNITE is of good quality?

>> Good quality materials, being used for facility and asset maintenance and management by our Team would invariably improve the working conditions of our Team Members only, apart from the benefit being passed onto our clients as well and the improved life cycle of the facilities and the assets. Hence, we do not compromise on the quality of materials for anything else tangible on Earth. We just keep it that logical and safe, invariably.

>> What if we have complaints, which are not being solved by the Site/ WorkSpace/ Complex Supervisor/ Facility Manager?

>> If you have a complaint, then invariably our Supervisory Team would take care of that, almost 99.99% of the time. For the rest 0.01%, you may always write directly to our Chief Executive Officer at


>> Apart from the facility, workspace material bulk requirement, can we purchase Household and Individual Housekeeping items online from E-UNITE website?

>> Obviously, you can do that. But as they say, better things come with grace and time. Our backend team is tirelessly working on the unification of all the services to make it seamless for our users to order essential housekeeping items, office stationery items, etc. online, with free delivery. We will update our users as soon as we are ready to deliver. 

>> I have so many queries but can't remember now!!

>> Voila.. we too have so many security solutions and services that we could get it going as FAQs infinitely. However, let's spare the time. Whenever you have a query for us, CONTACT US, anytime from anywhere, 24x7x366. We are all EARS!!


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