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Being an ISO 9001:2015 Peoples' Organization, we adopt a very fair, transparent, and ethical Cancellation Policy in terms of Service Provision and Materials Procurement. All service provisions have their own set of pre-defined cancellation policies to ensure that the rights and interests of our esteemed clients, certified professionals, empanelled vendors, and trained employees are well preserved and justly assured.  We also facilitate tailor-made cancellation policies on request by our esteemed clients, subject to the mutual assertion of our esteemed client and E-UNITE. With E-UNITE as your unified security and service partner, your cancellation rights are also secured and served, rightfully, forever.


Our Refund Policies are guided by our commitment to our service, solution, and procurement agreements. Refunds are subject to terms and conditions as mentioned during the sign-up process, which is completely fair and transparent, and as per the standard business practices. Refund claims, after service and solution provisioning and delivery of materials, are subject to mutually agreed and signed-up terms and conditions of the business agreement. With E-UNITE as your unified Security and Service Partner, refund processes are as seamless as our security and service solutions, as ever.

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